Where to Get Affordable Dental Care Services for Low-Income Patients

Everyone needs quality dental care and those without insurance or from low-income families are no exception. The fact that they happen to be low-income means that dental services they need aren’t affordable or they can’t find such offers.


However, inability to get affordable dental care does not detract from the fact that dental care is important for health and well-being.

Sadly, when dental care services are denied to those unable to pay for them, it affects the rest population.

The lack of professional and affordable dental care for low-income patients lower their potential to fight off tooth decay and gum disease which could have been avoided.

Having available dental care services for low-income people in any city, speaks volumes of how that state government is run. There should be dental clinics or health centers where one can receive free or low-cost dental services.

Try to find low-cost dentists at the local dental schools, community colleges and universities. They have students studying dental care and it could be possible to get affordable or free dental care during their study practise. Note that only the most advanced students get to do the work, and they are supervised by dental professors.

Ask in the state’s Department of Social Services office in your area about available low-cost dental clinics. Talk to a social worker there. He or she may be able to give information about free or low-cost dental care for low-income patients.

Other sources may include affordable dental insurance plans like Medicaid, Medicare, and CHIP (dental help for children in low-income families). And there are organisations that may help you providing primary dental care for free, such as the United Way, Lutheran Services, and The Salvation Army.

Any of these agencies can help with locating affordable and low-cost dental services. They specialize in helping low-income and underserved patients.

There is no shame in asking for affordable dental help because having good dental health is very important for any person regardless his or her income.

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