Top 25 Funniest Stars without Teeth

Do not avoid brushing and flossing your teeth. Tooth decay and gum disease may become a cause of losing your teeth. That’s serious.

And now let’s imagine how stars would look without teeth. Tell us which one do you like the most. shows you the problem from the fun side. But do not neglect your dental care. What would be if stars loose their teeth? Watch that and go brushing your teeth.

6. Beyonce without teeth.

She screams “Where are my teeth?”.


7. Meg Ryan

Looks like pretty old angel with no teeth.


8. Jennifer Aniston without teeth.

That crazy look.


9. Justin Bieber with no teeth.

So many people dream about making Bieber toothless…


10. Sofia Vergara without teeth.

Her smile says it all!


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