How Often Do People Smile and Why?

One average, an adult smiles approximately seven times per day, but studies have proved that at least one of these smiles is actually fake.


People who are incredibly cheerful by nature, smile on average 11 times per day, while people who are most of the times grumpy will smile only once.

A recent poll where adults were asked to respond how many times they smile per day revealed that well over 51% of them admitted they smile falsely at least once a day.

The poll was run on 2,000 adults, and according to the results about 1,000 will paint a fake smile everyday.

Some people like to smile more, while others smile deservedly but they like to “receive” smiles from their lovers, family members, children.

Also, about one in 5 adults admitted they have smiled in moments when it was completely inappropriate, such as at a funeral.

Research has found that people actually like more to receive smiles than to do them. When a lover gives a large, warm and bright smile that makes hearts go boom.

People also love receiving smiles from children (look at this little girl ), these simply are melting their hearts.

According to the research UK adults do not even smile that much, with 7 smiles on average and meeting so many people on an everyday basis.

Smiling at inappropriate moments such as at a funeral or right when you are having a fight with your loved one… this is when a smile can actually bring you more trouble than good.

One of the most important findings of the study is that a personal and warm smile that comes from someone we love, is the most powerful thing. One such smile can brighten up your day and improve your mood no matter what.

So smile more often! Or go out of your way to bring a smile to someone’s face today!

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