New Program Offers Free Dental Work for Low-Income

Millions of Americans, can’t afford dental care, without dental insurance dental work is very expensive.

New program helps low-income get free dental services in exchange for community work.


Low income people now can get free dental care doing some community work in exchange.

People who can’t afford dental care can now earn it through community service.

A new a program helps low-income residents in St. Joseph County to earn for treatment by working out in the community.

Needy will get the dental care they need for free, but they will earn it by doing community service.

Low-income who join the program can get free x-rays, dental cleanings, teeth fillings and more. For every hour of dental services spent on them, they have to donate that many hours of community work.

Right now, the program is accepting only emergency department referrals. Within the next few weeks they will open the program to any low-income, St. Joseph County resident who is over the age of 18.


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