Cheap and Low Cost Dental Implants: Where to Get Them?

Even though dental implants have appeared long ago on the dentistry market, they are still quite not cheap, but expensive treatments.

People who struggle with missing teeth do have quite a few options, but one of the best is represented by the dental implants.


Dental implants are not cheap and it’s not so easy to find cheap and low cost dental implants of good quality. Dental implants are safe, secure, and they are made to last for life.

Dental implants look and behave just like biological teeth, but unfortunately only a few people can afford one implant, not to speak if they would need to replace the entire upper or lower teeth with dental implants.

Dental implants are regarded as cosmetic dental treatments, and you might already know that insurers do not offer coverage for cosmetic treatments. Many patients would need affordable implants for medical reasons, and yet, since they are classified as cosmetic treatments, even patients who truly need them cannot afford them.

How to Find Cheap and Low Cost Dental Implants?

There are a few ways to find cheap dental implants.

Cheap Dental Implants in Dentistry Schools

One is to look for dental schools in your area.

Dental school students under the supervision of professional dentists and medical staff, provide different dental treatments. There is a lengthy waiting list at most of these affordable dental schools, but it is worth the waiting since the prices can be even 50% lower than charges by the private dentists and if you are lucky you can get cheap dental implants there.

Also, low cost dental implant treatment time might take longer than usual, since dentists always need to check closely the work done by dental students.

Low Cost Dental Implants Abroad: Dental Tourism

There are affordable dental tourism packages available. For instance, if you travel a few miles from the US, you will get to Mexico where you can access low cost dental care and cheap dental implants.

The dentists and the dental offices are at high standards, and you will pay only a fraction of the price for the dental implant treatments, compared to what you would pay in the US. So you may relax and save on dental implants at the same time.

Sometimes, the entire dental trip with accommodation, meals and taxes included is much cheaper than the price for the dental implants treatment in the US. With a simple online research, you can have access to several essential resources regarding which are the best places abroad to go for dental treatments, and specifically for low cost and cheap dental implants.

Another important aspect is that people struggling with missing teeth, will also start loosing from the density of their jaw bone. This is the reason why patients should replace missing teeth as soon as possible.

In the developing countries, one can find plenty of cheap dental implants treatment options.

“Developing Country” should not take you with the thought to an insanitary country, or a country where there are no real affordable dental clinics available. On the contrary, some of the low cost dental clinics available there surpass in quality most of the dental implant clinics you can find at home.

Dentists and health organizations make serious investments into these clinics, because they know these establishments will “draw” money for their country, so that they can develop even better.

India for example is a perfect dental tourism and cheap dental implants destination. The greatest majority of patients will travel here for cheap dental implants treatments, but they will combine the useful with the pleasurable and will also visit the beauties that India has to offer, while on their stay.

In India, there are also available already the affordable mini dental implants, which are fitted during one single visit, and are qualitatively the same as the traditional implants which can take several months of treatments and checkups.

For people who are in a real emergency to replace their missing teeth, choosing the mini implants is the perfect and low cost/low time-consuming solution. One thing to keep in mind is that these dental implants cost is the same, sometimes even more than the traditional implants. Many patients take only one-day trips, or short weekend stays (depending on the availability of the clinic) and have their teeth replaced with affordable mini dental implants within 2 or 3 days.

Getting Dental Plan for Cheap and Low Cost Implants

Yet another good solution for getting cheap dental implants, is to search for dentists who offer discount dental plans or who are willing to work in installments. You need to make an initial down payment, get the full dental implant treatments, and then continue paying for the treatment in installments.

Many people see this option quite low cost and affordable. It is much easier to pay every month $100 or $200, than to gather $5,000+ to pay off the dental implant treatment in full.

As you can easily note, there are plenty of cheap dental implants options available. You just need to dedicate enough quality time for proper research, comparison shop and see what your available budget is. Then, you will definitely find an option to suit both your needs and your budget.


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