Affordable Dental Insurance Program Launching for Veterans

Delta Dental, MetLife and the Department of Veterans Affairs will form a joint venture in order to help eligible veterans buy affordable dental insurance.

Affordable Care Act: Dental Insurance Coverage

Currently, well over 8 million veterans who are enrolled in the VA Health can opt for affordable dental plan. This special dental insurance program has been created to offer a helping hand to veterans who do not have any dental coverage, or those who are eligible for VA Health and coverage and would need extra coverage.

The dental treatments offered through this new program will vary from one plan to the other, but generally they include preventive dental services, emergency dental care treatments, restorative dental care, endodontic help and even oral surgery coverage.

Enrolling in the VA Dental Insurance program is not obligatory, and the insured will need to pay for the premiums. The cost of the dental coverage premiums ranges between $8.65/mo. and $52.90/mo.

Important criteria on the VA Health dental coverage for veterans:

  • There will be no eligibility requirements or limitations such as settlement priority assignment or disability rating
  • Veterans who wish to enroll will have to fill out an application with Delta Dental online, or MetLife
  • Regardless of the time of sign-up, dental coverage will start January 1st 2014
  • Dependent children and spouses of veterans are also eligible

The dental treatments offered through the VA program were generally for veterans who have certain health condition which is connected to a dental problem (such as diabetes and gum disease). This is why the services covered were called as being “service connected”. These veterans will keep receiving the free dental services they need.

Those who would like to get more valuable information on the VADIP program should contact the Delta Dental staff at the following number: 1-855-370-3303. You can also call MetLife at 1-888-310-1681. Alternatively visit the main website at and read more about veterans and dental care:

If you are a veteran, but not yet enrolled with the VA health system, you can apply easily online by visiting

The VA program always strives on bringing new innovations in the healthcare field for veterans and now by partnering up with private insurers they will be able to offer an ever wider range of dental services at affordable costs.

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