3 Under-the-Radar Reasons Your Teeth are Being Ruined

There are certain things we know can contribute to bad teeth, so we do our best to limit them.

Sweets, fizzy drinks and crisps come to mind when we talk about what causes tooth decay or speeds up the gradual erosion of our enamel.


However, despite cutting most of these out of your diet, you may still be frustrated by teeth staining and other oral health problems as a result of your eating habits. So what exactly is it that’s causing this?

There are a number of different foods out there that are just as bad as sweets and treats, yet are shrouded by their seemingly innocent depiction in the media. There are others that you simply wouldn’t associate with causing any problems as they are an essential part of a healthy diet.

If you’re struggling to put your finger on the cause for your stained teeth, here are some of the surprising culprits that may be responsible for ruining your teeth.

1. Chewy Vitamins and Supplements

These might have long-term benefits for your health but they certainly aren’t’ good for your teeth. Chewy vitamin tablets are one of many ways to get some essential vitamins in your diet. However, there are better ways of doing this than relying on chewy, sweet and sugary vitamin tablets that are just as harmful to your teeth as sweets themselves.

The sugary makeup of these vitamins means that they can get stuck between teeth and taking these on a consistent basis will almost certainly lead to cavities in future.

The best way to get these essential vitamins is to eat the appropriate foods or take vitamins in pill form. The pills may not be as satisfying as a chewy sweet but neither is a trip to the dentist for a filling!

2. Dry Fruit

Fruit can’t be bad for you surely? Well, in this form it is. Dried fruit is a very popular lunchtime snack, while it’s also readily served on cheeseboards at Christmas time. The problem with any fruit is that it actually provides some essential vitamins that we simply couldn’t do without.

When people hear the word “fruit” they’ll think it can only be good for you, so understanding the potential dangers of too many dried fruits is important.
While nutritious, dried fruits contain non-cellulose fibres which trap sugar in the teeth in a similar way to chewy sweets. Flossing after eating dried fruits is one of the best ways to clean your teeth after enjoying these very tasty snacks.

3. Homemade Smoothies

No…I’m not taking the rise. I promise! Juicy smoothies are full of nutrients and they are great way for you to enjoy your essential consumption of five fruits and vegetables a day. Unfortunately, there’s a catch.

The juicing process required to turn these fruits into a drinkable smoothie unleashes the sugars contained in these fruits, which become a significant ingredient in the smoothie.

Some have said that drinking your own fruit smoothie is almost like drinking liquid chocolate, bar the nutritional value. When these sugars reach our mouths, bacteria consumes it and converts it into acid that is capable of eating away at our enamel.

Article submitted by Tom from Dental Healthcare, a Horsham (UK) based dental practice established over 20 years ago.

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