10 Surprising Health Benefits of Kissing

Kissing is not only source of pleasure but it is one of the best and affordable health boosters. Check out below some of the top health benefits of kissing.



1.Kissing is good for your dental health

According to research in the field, the saliva that is produced while you kiss is extremely beneficial for your teeth. Thus, kissing fight against plaque buildup, and will help you go less often to the dentist.

2.Kissing helps you live longer and happier

It is a fact: people who kiss more often will live longer. According to research again, kissing your loved one each morning will actually add years to your life. Think of it this way: by kissing your dear one each morning, you will add 5 years more to your life. (Some other ways to live longer)

3. Kissing aids weight loss

Did you know that with a gentle kiss you can burn anything between 6 and 12 calories? Then, if you “fire” things up a bit, your engine will work at greater speeds burning even more calories. Also, a whopping 300 calories are burned when you make love.

4. Kissing protects your heart

Kissing boosts the adrenaline in your system, and this in turn will make your heart pump blood faster. Blood circulation is improved and this is good for your heart and overall system. Kissing basically will have the same effect on your system like jogging or cycling.

5. Kissing reduces stress and anxiety

If you feel tension, anxiety and stress eating you, forget about the aspirin. There’s no better remedy than a brief kissing session which will help you forget about everyday issues and make that heart pumping and so are the happiness hormones born!

6. Kissing fights off illnesses

Saliva has natural antibiotics which help fighting against infections, bacteria and viruses. Kissing helps producing a higher amount of saliva, and implicitly boosting your immune system. If you want to stay away from seasonal illnesses, just kiss more!

7. Kissing raises self-confidence

If you want to feel truly loved and appreciated get into the habit of kissing more often. Your self-esteem will improve and you will gain more confidence. With higher self-esteem you will feel and look much more healthier too. If you struggle with depression, anxiety and stress…kissing more is the solution.

8. Control your pain with kissing

Got a headache? Kissing can actually make the pain go away, or at least you will forget about it. Aches and pains are relieved through kissing, and kissing helps producing endorphins about 200 times stronger than what you get through the most powerful pain reliever.

9. Kissing will make you look and feel young

Kissing is for everybody, not just for 20-year olds. So if you have felt down lately, and what you see in the mirror is not a face that is bright and happy, kissing might help. While you kiss, you put into motion as many as 30 different facial muscles. Therefore, even a brief kissing session will instantly tone your face and keep up proper blood circulation at the facial level.

The more you kiss, the fewer the wrinkles and lines on your face!

10. Kissing Puts you in a calm state of mind

Frequent kissing helps alleviating states of anxiety and calm down the pressures inside. While you kiss, the oxytocin levels increase in your system. The oxytocin is basically a hormone which helps calming you down and giving you an overall state of tranquility.

So, you found one more pleasing way to become healthier.

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